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Positivism is the dominant jurisprudential theory in the High Court.  Discuss with reference to Al-Kateb v Godwin [2004] HCA 37 219 CLR 562 ; Australian Securities and Investments Commission v Kobelt [2019] HCA 18 ; and Thomas v Mowbray [2007] HCA 33 233 CLR 307

 word length is 4000 words excluding references. It is due no later than 5pm Wednesday  11 September 2019

Assessment criteria:

10% Consistent use of legal citation and referencing (following the Australian Guide to Legal Citation), and correct use of legal terminology, grammar and spelling.

40% Thoroughness of research, and quality of synthesis of legal materials and information relevant to the topic for the written assessment task. Business Law Assignment: I need help writing a research paper.

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