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Posted: February 1st, 2020

Differences between Windows Version 1.0.2 and 1.0.3:

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Windows version

Changes between 1.0.2 and 1.0.3:


Video outputs:

* Fix video quality when resizing the video on Windows Vista and 7, due to regressions in most popular drivers

* New deinterlacers modules based on yadif and yadif(x2) algorithms


* Windows version supports now natively the WMA Professional codec, as it

didn’t work in the packaged version of 1.0.2

* Fix downmixing of particual 4.0 AC-3 audio tracks


* x264 has profile-limitter, like:



* Update for appletrailers lua script

* Fixes on the RAR stream filter

* Fix for E-AC3 in ATSC/TS streams

* Various fixes for v4l and v4l2

* Fix a crash in mjpeg demuxer

Service discovery:

* New udev module for linux

Qt4 interface:

* Fixes on the playlist and the stream output panels


* French, Galician, Korean, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Slovak and Ukrainian updates

Changes between 1.0.1 and 1.0.2:



* Native support for WMA Professional, without the use of the Win32 dlls

* Fix issues in subtitles, especially SSA ones

* Various fixes on theora and ogg


* Various fixes for EPG support in MPEG-TS demuxer

* Fixes for potential stack overflow in .avi, .mp4 and .asf demuxers


* Fixes for v4l2 devices

* Fixes for dvb-c channels-scanning

Qt Interface:

* Fix some playlist sorting issues

Mac OS X Interface:

* Fixed a crash when updating VLC

* Fixed a crash related to QTKit when opening video files (10.6 only)

* Added the ability to play 2nd media in sync to the primary item (input-slave)

* Added the “Quit after Playback” feature

Mac OS X Port:

* The “Delete Preferences” script is now delivered as a Universal Binary

with native code for PowerPC, Intel and Intel 64bit

* Full 64bit runtime compatibility on both Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6

– no support for Goom and SDL

– limited text rendering support

– This port is still considered as EXPERIMENTAL despite its binary release.


* MPEG2 transrate stream output removed

* x264 default-values closer to x264.exe defaults.

* x264 rc-behaviour fixes:

– if user defines qp-value, CQP-mode is used

– otherwise if user defines vb=0, CRF-mode is used

– otherwise ABR-mode is used

* x264 set vbv-bufsize/vbv-maxsize better if user hasn’t defined these:

– ABR mode set vbv-max-bitrate=bitrate

– vbv-bufsize is bitrate * seconds between keyframes (keyint/fps)


* Lua scripts for Mpora and Vimeo playback

Unix builds:

* Various fixes to enable 1.0 to build on Solaris and OpenBSD


* New Kazakh and Croatian translations

* Lithunanian translation is available on Windows

* Galician, Korean, Nepali, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Brazilian, Arabic and French translation updates

Changes between 1.0.0 and 1.0.1:



* Fix wmv/asf issues that caused audio to drop

* Various fixes for ac3, mp3, dts and stability for wav format

* Fix seek in RTSP in conformity to RFC 2326

* Fix Dailymotion access script

* Fix crashes in xspf files handler

* Fix seeking and timing issues in some flv files on Windows version


* Add extra caching for files on network shares

* Prevent integer underflow in Real pseudo-RTSP module, discovered by tixxDZ, DZCORE Labs, Algeria


* Fix seeking in mpeg2 video files

* Improve SSA subtitles rendering

* Update most codecs for the Windows and Mac version


* Fix sound recording of .flv files with mp3 audio

Qt Interface:

* Possibility to change the opacity level of the Fullscreen controller

* Fix various crashes and VIDEO_TS folders opening

Mac OS X Interface:

* Added options to disable support for Apple Remote and Media Keys

* Fixed options for Volume, password and Subtitle Encoding

* Fixed redraw issues when autosizing the video window

* Preferences panel now includes help through tool-tips

* More reliable Information and Messages panels

* Fix various crashes

Windows port:

* The ZVBI module is now available for Windows, for complete teletext support

Translations updates for Brazillian, French, German, Korean, Norwegian Nynorsk, Lithuanian

Changes between 0.9.9a and 0.9.10:


HTTP Interface:

* Fixed default ACL

Mac OS X:

* Fixed crashes on multi-screen setups

* Corrected volume and subtitle encoding options in the Preferences

* Improved Information panel behavior, when playlist is not displayed

* Fixed QTCapture input support for the latest iSight models

* Added a menu-item to unlock the video window’s aspect ratio

* Fixed redraw issues when autosizing the video window

* Updated libpng, libgpg-error, libgcrypt, fribidi

Various fixes to the following modules:

* access:


– updated and additional access scripts (BBC radio, dailymotion, …)

– Prevent integer underflow in Real pseudo-RTSP module, discovered by tixxDZ,

DZCORE Labs, Algeria

* stream out:

– RTP, RTSP VoD, Mosaic Bridge

* decoder:


Changes between 0.9.9a and 1.0.0:


Important notes:


* Alsa and OSS audio capture has been removed from the v4l and v4l2 accesses.

See ‘Access:’ for more info.

* Support for Mac OS X 10.4.x was dropped due to its technical limitations


* Instantaneous pausing

* Frame-by-Frame playback

* Finer speed control

* On-the-fly recording for all medias

* Timeshift for most medias

* RTSP trickplay support

* Subtitles core improvements and fixes


* New AES3 (SMPTE 302M) decoder

* New Dolby Digital Plus – E-AC-3 (A/52b) decoder

* New True HD/MLP decoder and parser

* New Blu-Ray Linear PCM decoder

* New QCELP (Qualcomm PureVoice) decoder

* Improved Real Video 3.0 & 4.0 decoder

* New WMA v1/2 fixed point integer decoder

* Closed Captions using the SCTE-20 standard are now correctly decoded

* Improvement of WavPack decoder to support all integer modes and float mode

* Corrections on 5.1 and 7.1 channel decoding and ordering


* Support for Dirac, MLP and RealVideo in Matroska files

* Major improvements in RealMedia files opening (.rm and .rmvb)

* Improvements of the TS demuxer for M2TS files from Blu-Ray and AVCHD

* Metadata for mod files are supported

* GSM codecs in Wav files are supported

* New raw audio demuxer supporting raw PCM streams

* New Dirac demuxer for raw Dirac streams


* Dirac encoding using libdirac (supported in Ogg and in TS)

* Shine mp3 fixed-point encoder


* RTSP authentication with Darwin Streaming Server

* On-the-fly gzip and bzip2 file decompression (except on Windows)

* Playback for video in uncompressed multi-RAR archives

* DVB-S and ATSC cards support on Windows

* New OSS and Alsa accesses. The v4l2 and v4l modules no longer support

OSS or Alsa audio input. Use –input-slave alsa:// or oss:// if needed.

* DVB scanning on linux

* EXPERIMENTAL Blu-Ray Disc and AVCHD Folders support

* On-the-fly zip file decompression and browsing (MRL of the form

zip://!/file.avi to specify the file – the development form of

zip://|file.avi is not supported anymore)

* Opening of any file descriptor using ‘fd://’

* MTP device access on Unix

* CD-Text support on the cdda module (CD-Audio)

* :start-time and :stop-time can handle sub-second values


* Mouse cursor support in x11 and win32 screen modules

* Screen module now features partial screen capture and mouse following on

Windows and Mac OS X.


* Export the playlist in HTML

* Lua script for BBC radio playback

* Better metadata handling and reading

Linux/Windows interface:

* Global Hotkeys on Windows and Linux

* Various fixes for skins2 interface

* Recently played items list

* Interface toolbar customizations

* Various Improvements on the Qt interface:

– More menus actions

– Finer speed slider

– Improvements on many dialogs

– New dialog for plugins listing

– Fixed-size mode for videos

– Better Teletext, trickplay and encrypted streams control

* Better integration in GTK environments

Mac OS X Interface:

* Controllable by the Media Keys on modern Apple keyboards (brushed Aluminium)

* Reveal-in-Finder functionality for locally stored items.

* Easy addition of subtitles through the Video menu

* Additional usability improvements

Stream output:

* Restored the old mpeg2 transrating module.

* Multiple bridge-in instances are now possible.

* bridge-in can be used to configure a placeholder stream.

* Remote Audio Output Protocol (AirTunes) module.

* Fixed mosaic memleak. Mosaics are now usable again.

Maemo Port:

* New Maemo port with:

– an interface based on Hildon framework.

– scaler based on the swscale_nokia770 library.

Windows CE Port:

EXPERIMENTAL work for the winCE port has been done.

Mac OS X Port:

* EXPERIMENTAL 64bit support

* Speed improvements by using llvm-gcc

* New document icons by Dominic Spitaler

* Support for latest iSight models

Audio output:

* Removed obsolete Esound and aRts plugins

* Surround support for PulseAudio

Video output:

* Effects (cube, torus, etc.) removed from OpenGL video output

* Video is able to stay in original size and to zoom in fullscreen

(hotkey ‘o’) while keeping black borders

* Image video output has been rewritten into a video-filter named ‘scene’.

The old image video output has been removed.

* Support for scaling and converting video chromas with FFMPEG imgresample was

withdrawn due to bugs. Please use the newer FFMPEG swscale instead.


* Invmem, a fake codec to display images from external applications

New Localization:

* Khmer

* Mongolian

* Sorani

Changes between 0.9.9 and 0.9.9a:


Mac OS X:

* Updated multiple 3rd party libraries to keep in sync with the Win32 port

* Playback fixes for PowerPC-based Macs

Changes between 0.9.8a and 0.9.9:



* Experimental new decoder for Real Video 3.0 & 4.0


* Various fixes related to real demuxer

Mac OS X Interface:

* Fixed circumstances, which could lead to an empty Information panel

– Note that VLC will show information on the currently _selected_ item

instead of the currently _playing_ item, if the playlist is visible in the

main controller window.

* Fixed multiple UTF8 issues in the Streaming / Exporting Wizard

Mac OS X Port:

* Improved video playback performance on Intel-based Macs

New Localizations:

* Indonesian

* Bengali

* Updates of other localizations

Various bugfixes:

* Support for receiving RTP packets on odd port numbers.

* Lots of small bugfixes.

* Correct Fullscreen behaviour on Multi-Screen setups on Windows

* Telnet fixes on Windows

* Resampling fixes when transcoding

Changes between 0.9.6 and 0.9.8a:


Security update:

* Fixed buffer overflow in Real demuxer (SA-0811, CVE-2008-5276)

Bunch of small bugfixes.

Changes between 0.9.5 and 0.9.6:


New Localizations:

* Ukranian

Security updates:

* Fixed overflow in CUE support from VCD access (SA-0810, CVE-2008-5032)

* Fixed overflow in RealText subtitles support (SA-0810, CVE-2008-5036)

Changes between 0.9.4 and 0.9.5:


Security updates:

* Fixed buffer overflow in TiVo demuxer (SA-0809, CVE-2008-4686, CVE-2008-4654)

* Fixed libpng CVE-2008-3964 in Win32 and MacOS builds


* Closed Caption EIA 608/708 parsing enabled for libmpeg2

Various bugfixes:

* Fixed various potential crashes and memleaks

* Fixed issues with reading from files (especially non-local)

Windows port:

* Fix bug where interface was “eating” some media keys

* Fix some crashes in DirectShow access

Qt Interface:

* Fix bug when the resetting of preferences didn’t reset the dialog states

* Right-click menu to select playlist columns reenabled

* Various fixed in playlist


* MMAP module is now deactivated by default


* Update of Brazillian, Swedish translation

Changes between 0.9.3 and 0.9.4:


Various bugfixes:

* Crashes fixed in ogg, vobsub, dvdread

* Fixes several memory leaks.

Mac OS X port:

* Apple machines without Quartz Extreme are no longer supported (use 0.9.2 or earlier )

* Fixed a crash with deletion of old preferences.

* Fixed targetname for downloaded updates

Windows port:

* Stability fix for the video output.

Changes between 0.9.2 and 0.9.3:


Various bugfixes:

* Fixed DTS channel order on 5.1 systems

* Fixed pausing behavior for subtitles and for Audio-CD

* Multiple subtitles and podcast fixes

* Various crashes fixed in PS, SSA, mkv, xspf, freetype

* Fixed update system bugs

* Other bug fixes (dvd language selection, subtitle colours, HTTP keep-alive…+)

Mac OS X port:

* Fixed ffmpeg slowness on PowerPC-based Macs

* Fixed crash on startup when installed on old preferences

* Fixed bug in directory opening on Mac OS X

* Fixed font selection in the Simple Preferences

* Thicker border to the subtitle renderer

* Fixed the appearance of playlist items in the Streaming/Transcoding Wizard

* Fixed AC3 passthrough on Mac OS X

* Fixed behavior of the Volume Normalizer settings on Mac OS X

* Removed the deprecated QuickDraw video output module to avoid crashes on

modern Mac OS X versions

Windows port:

* Fixed sensitivity of Fullscreen Controller

* Fixed error messages on startup when VLC wasn’t correctly uninstalled

before installation

* Fix showing of controller when returning from fullscreen playback

* Multiple directory and path location fixes.

Qt4 interface:

* Added Faster/Slower icons to the controller panel

* Fixed lost playlist columns when switching the playlist view

* Added needed options to Simple preferences (to avoid NVIDIA drivers issues)

* Fullscreen controller: added time label, remembering of last position

* Fixed drag’n drop behaviour on the playlist

* Multiple other fixes (Enter hotkey in preferences, Skins selection…)

Changes between 0.9.1 and 0.9.2:


* Restored the old behavior of –sout-keep. It is now de-activated by default.

* Skins2 interface repaired on Windows.

* Multiple bugfixes.

Changes between 0.9.1 and 0.9.0:


* Multiple bug fixes.

Changes between 0.8.6i and 0.9.0:


Important notes:


* This release will need Windows 2000 and Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), or more

recent to work correctly

* The HTTP interface is now only available on the local machine by default.

If you want to make it available from other machines, you will have to

edit the “.hosts” file.

– On UNIX/Linux, the file is in /usr/share/vlc/http/.hosts

If you’re using the old http interface, it’s located in


– On Windows they are in C:Program FilesVideoLANVLChttp.hosts and

C:Program FilesVideoLANVLChttpold.hosts

– On Mac OS X, you can find it in

and respectively in

* This version of VLC contains a new interface for Windows and Linux.

This interface has a fullscreen controller and simplified preferences.

This interface lacks the “Streaming Wizard” that used to be present in VLC

0.8.6, but provides basic profiles.

* The behavior of –sout-keep was changed. It’s now activated by default.

* The marq, mosaic and logo commands in the rc interface changed. They

now require a target name as their first argument. Example:

vlc –sub-filter “[email protected]{marquee=Hello}” -I rc

You can then use commands like: @test marq-marquee Goodbye

If you didn’t name the object using @test, its name will default to the

plugin name (hence ‘marq’) in this example.

These new commands are also available in the telnet interface.

* The “rtp” access output module has been removed.

Please use the RTP stream output instead, e.g.:

Old: ‘#std{access=rtp,mux=ts,dst=,sap}’

New: ‘#rtp{mux=ts,dst=,port=5004,sap}’

* You now need to append –m3u-extvlcopt to your command line to enable

EXTVLCOPT options parsing in m3u playlists. Note that only a limited set

of options is available to m3u playlists (CVE-2007-6683).

* The old access:url syntax is no longer supported to resolve ambiguities

with some file names. Use access://url instead.

E.g.: vlc:quit -> vlc://quit ;

udp:@ -> udp://@

* The ffmpeg module has been removed and replaced by the new avcodec,

avformat, swscale (or imgresample if you use a swscale-less ffmpeg build)

and postproc modules.

* The web plugins ActiveX (IE)/Firefox/Mozilla/Safari now recognize the

following states: IDLE/CLOSE=0, OPENING=1, BUFFERING=2, PLAYING=3, PAUSED=4,


BACKWARD being reserved for future implementations and are thus not

functional atm.

* Croping and padding in transcode are now done using the croppadd video

filter. For example:


* Canvas setting in transcode is now done using the canvas video filter.

For example:


* Glide video output module has been removed.



Security updates:

* Updated libfreetype on Windows and Mac OS X (CVE-2008-1806, CVE-2008-1806,


* TTA Parser improvements (CVE-2008-3732)

* MMS Access Module improvements (CVE-2008-3794 )


* Vastly improved playlist support:

* Media library creation to save all your playlist items

* “Live search”

* Shoutcast TV listings

* Audioscrobbler/Last.FM support

* Album art support

* User definable Lua playlist scripts. See share/lua/playlist/README.txt

(Default scripts open YouTube, DailyMotion, metacafe, Google Video and

lots of other URLs)

* User definable Lua album art fetcher scripts. See share/lua/meta/README.txt


* Video for Linux 2 (V4L2) input support

* UDP-Lite transport for RTP/AVP

* DCCP transport for RTP/AVP

* Proxy support for MMSH stream

* JACK audio input support

* Input run time option (improved live stream recording)

* BDA devices access module for DVB-C/S/T capture cards on Microsoft Windows

* Re-written Screen access module for Mac OS X

using OpenGL instead of QuickDraw

* Screen module now supports partial screen capture and mouse following on X11.

* Experimental EyeTV access module

This requires the user to install a plugin to

(available as a separate download).

* Simple RTP input (with MPEG A/V, G.711 and PCM support).

* RTMP input support

* QTKit-based Input module for Mac OS X allowing display and streaming of video

taken from all iSight-labelled video cameras (no audio support)

* HTTP access now supports gzip compressed data and Digest Access


* New options to reduce latency between arrival of raw data and display of

frames. (–auto-adjust-pts-delay and –use-stream-immediate)


* MP4 gpac and Apple chapter support

* Fixed playback of AIFF stereo files

* Fixed audio glitch on seek

* Improved FLAC demuxer (duration / current time / meta data)

* AAC tags support

* APEv1/2 tags support

* Improved ID3v2 tags support

* Improved Ogg/Vorbis tags support

* Raw video support

* Standard MIDI File (types 0 & 1) support

* TiVo Series 2 support

* CD+G karaoke Files support

* MXF files support

* OMA support


* VP60/VP61/VP6F/VP62 support

* Flash Screen Video support

* CamStudio Screen Video support

* DosBox Capture support

* Karl Morton’s Video support

* limited atrac3 support

* Fraps support

* Fluidsynth MIDI software synthesis (with external sound fonts)

* New codec FOURCCs to support more specific files:

Avid, FCP, Sony, Samsung, …

* H.264 PAFF support

* DNxHD / VC-3 support

* NellyMoser ASAO support

* APE (Monkey audio) support

* RealVideo support (with the RealVideo run-time)

* Dirac video support using libschroedinger


* Closed Caption Decoder (DVD, ReplayTV, TiVo, DVB/ATSC)

* VBI & EBU (Teletext) support (*nix, Mac OS)

* Ogg/Kate subtitles support

* AQTitle subtitles support

* MKV USF subtitles support

* HTML-based subtitles support

* MPSub subtitles support

* JacoSub subtitles basic support

* MPL2 subtitles support

* Rewrite of ASS/SSA scripts and subtitles support

* PowerDivx (.psb) Subtitles support

* Realtext subtitle support

* DKS subtitle support

* SubViewer 1.0 (SubRip09) subtitles support

* Correct Right-to-left languages in subtitles support


* Flash Screen Video support

* Improved H.264 encoding speed

Video outputs and filters:

* New CoreAnimation-based output module (VLCKit framework on OS X only)

* Adjust, Invert and Distort (now split into Wave, Ripple, Gradient and

Psychedelic) video filters can now be streamed

* New puzzle video output filter

* Re-written motion detection video filter

* New extract video filter (extract Red, Green and Blue components from a


* New sharpen video filter (increase the contrast of adjacent pixels)

* New erase video filter (removes logos from a video)

* Enhanced subtitles’ renderer to support bold, italic and some HTML tags

(Google Summer of Code Student project)

* Support for RGBA and I420 blending.

The latter improves Mosaic CPU usage *a lot*.

* New transparency mask video filter (for use with the mosaic_bridge module).

* New bluescreen video filter (for use with the mosaic_bridge module).

This was previously part of the mosaic module.

* Fixed random characters problem in RSS filter.

* Add rotate-deciangle for more precision on rotate filter

* Support for Intel SSE2 instruction set in chroma converters

* Improved use of Intel MMX instruction set in chroma converters

* New croppadd and canvas video filters.

Audio outputs and filters:

* Replay gain support

* Audio playback when going slower/faster (with pitch correction via

new scaletempo audio filter)

* New spatializer audio filter

* Correct DTS output via S/PDIF

Stream output:

* RTSP for TS-multiplexed broadcast streams

* New RTP payload formats:

* Speex voice audio codec

* ITU T.140 (for text, subtitles) output

* G.711 (both A-law and µ-law) output

* UDP-Lite transport for RTP

* DCCP transport for RTP

* Lots of fixes for RTSP broadcasting

* RTMP output


* All

* New Simple Preferences dialogs showing the most important settings in an

end-user suitable way.

* Improved user interaction

* Improved mouse gestures

* Vastly improved Update checker

* Full support for meta data editing (ID3v2, Ogg/Vorbis, AAC, APEv1/2)

* Windows/Linux

* Brand new interface for Linux and Windows, based on the Qt toolkit

* Fullscreen controller (transparency on Linux+Composite)

* Mac OS X

* Improved video output features

* Online access to VideoLAN’s Help Wiki within VLC

* New setting to disable the “Recent Items” service

* When playing Radio (live) streams, the current track is shown correctly

* Correct appearance on Macs using Aqua’s graphite theme

* Simplified Extended Controls panel

* Ncurses:

* Correctly displays wide characters when using an UTF-8 locale,

if libncursesw is available.

* Some nice colors if the terminal supports it (most do)

* Experimental Lua interface modules. See vlc -I lua and

share/lua/playlist/README.txt for more info.

* Unix

* Option to allow only one running instance, using D-Bus interface.

* D-Bus Interface implementing the MPRIS

(Media Player Remote Interfacing specification), a common dbus control

interface for media players that intends to become an xdg standard when

finished: .

* Motion module using disk accelerometers to keep video horizontal

* Plugin to set Telepathy presence message using MissionControl

* Fixed VLM schedule time on Linux

Linux Port:

* VLC now complies with the XDG Base Directory Specification version 0.6

(which means that VLC doesn’t use the $HOME/.vlc directory anymore)

Mac OS X Port:

* Mac OS X Framework “VLCKit” that can be used to embed VLC in third party

applications (Google Summer of Code Student project, Mac OS X 10.5 only)

* New text renderer based on Quartz replacing the existing Freetype solution

* Complete compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

* It is now required to compile a fully featured build

* The support of Mac OS X 10.3.9 and QuickTime 6.x was discontinued.


* Event management and various improvements in libvlc

(Part of a Google Summer of Code Student project)

New Localizations:

* Finnish

* Persian

* Polish

* Punjabi

* Bulgarian


* LibVLC now supports externally built plugins properly.

A “vlc-plugin” pkg-config package is provided.

* Java bindings are now built from a separate source.

Changes between 0.8.6h and 0.8.6i:


Security updates:

* Fixed integer overflow in WAV demuxer (CVE-2008-2430)

Various bugfixes:

* Fixed option to use shared memory within the GLX video output module

* Improved galaktos-based audio visualizations on FreeBSD

* Miscellaneous bugfixes in multiple modules and in libvlc

(transcode stream output, OSD menu video filter, VCD input,

SAP services discovery, http control interface)

* Updated Polish translation

Changes between 0.8.6g and 0.8.6h:


Security updates:

* Updated GnuTLS and libgcrypt on Windows and Mac OS X (CVE-2008-1948,

CVE-2008-1949, CVE-2008-1950)

* Updated libxml2 on Windows and Mac OS X (CVE-2007-6284)


* Updated libebml and libmatroska on Mac OS X. Reliability improvements.

* Miscellaneous bugfixes in multiple modules and in libvlc

(ftp access, record access filter, video filters, RC interface,

playlist demuxer, IP networking, MPJPEG muxer, stream outputs)

* Improved support for MPEG2 content created by Final Cut Pro

* More reliable audio reception for MPEG TS streams

* Fixed a regression in 0.8.6g where usage of the snapshot feature could lead

to an unexpected application termination

* New Serbian translation

* Updated Romanian translation

Changes between 0.8.6f and 0.8.6g:


Security updates:

* Removed VLC variable settings from Mozilla and ActiveX

(CVE-2007-6683, VideoLAN-SA-0804)

* Removed loading plugins from the current directory

(CVE-2008-2147, VideoLAN-SA-0805)

* Updated libpng on Windows and Mac OS X (CVE-2008-1382)

* Fixed libid3tag denial of service (CVE-2008-2109)

* Fixed libvorbis vulnerabilities (CVE-2008-1419, CVE-2008-1420, CVE-2008-1423)

* Fixed speex insufficient boundary check (CVE-2008-1686, oCERT-2008-004)

Various bugfixes:

* Fixed various memory leaks, improving stability when running as a server

* Fixed compilation with recent versions of FFmpeg

* Correctly parses SAP announcements from MPEG-TS

* Fixed AAC resampling

* The Fullscreen Controller appears correctly on Mac OS X,

if the ‘Always-on-top’ video option was selected.

Changes between 0.8.6e and 0.8.6f:


Security updates:

* Really fixed subtitle buffer overflow (CVE-2007-6681, CVE-2008-1881)

* Fixed Real RTSP code execution problem (CVE-2008-

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