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Posted: January 30th, 2020

Nursing Topic: Critical Literature Review

For the purpose of this assignment, a critical literature review will be defined as “an analysis of scientific materials about a specific topic that requires the reviewer to carefully read each of the studies to evaluate the study purpose, determine the appropriateness and quality of the scientific methods, examine the analysis of the questions and answers posed by the authors, summarize the findings across studies and write an objective synthesis of the findings.”

CLR Topic Question: What can the APN do to increase safety and decrease risk of harm on an inpatient psychiatric unit?

Nursing Research Framework to guide review: Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory.

The focus of nursing in this model is to alter the patient’s environment in order to affect change in his or her health. The environmental factors that affect health, as identified in the theory, are: fresh air, pure water, sufficient food supplies, efficient drainage, cleanliness of the patient and environment, and light (particularly direct sunlight). If any of these areas is lacking, the patient may experience diminished health. A nurse’s role in a patient’s recovery is to alter the environment in order to gradually create the optimal conditions for the patient’s body to heal itself. In some cases, this would mean minimal noise and in other cases could mean a specific diet. All of these areas can be manipulated to help the patient meet his or her health goals and get healthy.

Content of Paper

1.Abstract- Includes – Get research paper samples and course-specific study resources under   homework for you course hero writing service – content for a literature review APA (10 points)

2. Review the research articles you selected. Write a page paper – Describe and cite sources supporting your choice of research framework to guide your review. For each article, identify the source/title of research, purpose/problem, the sample size, concepts, design, instruments used, results, and implications for Advanced Nursing Practice. Write a page paper – Describe and cite sources supporting your choice of research framework to guide your review. The articles chosen must be critiqued. Please use Gray, Grove & Sutherland, Chapter 18, as a guide in doing the critical analysis based on article types (50 points).

3. Write a page paper – Describe /discuss how the research literature reviewed impacts upon the care of clients in your advanced practice. Include recommendations for use in an advanced practice specialty practice area. This section is extremely important. The impact of the literature should answer your research question, while the recommendations provide your overall analysis of the usefulness of the literature reviewed. (100 points)

4. APA 6th ed. format concerning headings, title page, citations, references, and organization of the paper (Font : Times New Roman 12 cpi) As per APA correct use of grammar, sentence construction, spelling, syntax, etc. (50 points)

1.Nurses’ Perceptions of Patient Safety in Community Mental Health Settings: A Qualitative Study
“Nurses’ Perceptions of Patient Safety in Community Mental Health Settings: A Qualitative Study” is a study that was conducted by Sundin et al. (2015). The research was qualitative and descriptive. It focused on seven nurses who are not registered and who work in the community health care that deals with individuals with serious mental problems in five municipalities. I agree that this article, as chosen by Gray, Grove & Sutherland, is a single qualitative study that is appropriate for this study for the reasons discussed below. The researchers are qualified for this type of study. Sundin works in the department of caring services in Sóderhamn. Nilson, on the other hand, works in the faculties of Health and Occupational Studies and at the University of Gavle and Uppsala University. Andrée is in the department of endocrinology in Gavle hospital. At the same time, Bjórn works in the department of public health and center for research & Development at Uppsala University and also in the university’s center for research and development. The researchers have not conducted previous studies on registered nurses. Much of the research previously done is centered on hospital settings. The title should provide knowledge of the problem, give a clear indication of the concepts studied (Gray, Grove, & Suzanne, 2016). From the title itself, it’s possible to identify the research problem, which is ‘Nurses perceptions of patient safety in community health settings. The title also reveals the research approach that the study takes- ‘A qualitative study. ‘In qualitative research, the sample is selected on a probabilistic method (Luo, 2012). This research uses purposive sampling, whereby participants are chosen because they can provide in-depth information needed to achieve the study aims. The participants were two men and five women aged 23 to 65 years. The main weakness of the study was its inability to guarantee that the findings of the study were representative of the whole population of registered nurses in the field. According to Gray et al. (2016), credibility can be achieved by allowing other researchers to appraise the rigor critically and to examine data to confirm findings. The researchers strengthened credibility by including representative quotations from the interviews. The readers can hear the voice of participants and gain an understanding of the phenomenon being studied. The main finding was that the quality of care was held high among the registered nurses in the provision of patient safety. Findings also showed that physical activity and social contact is crucial in promoting the health of people with SMI. Most of the references used are current, ranging from 2008 to 2014.


1.Nurses’ Perceptions of Patient Safety in Community Mental Health Settings: A Qualitative Study

2. Adverse Events in Veterans Affairs Inpatient Psychiatric Units: Staff Perspectives on Contributing and Protective Factors

3. ‘Because That’s the Way It’s Always Been Done’: Reviewing the Nurse-Initiated Rules in a Mental Health Unit as a Step Toward Trauma-Informed Care’Because_That’s_the_Way_It’s_Always_Been_Done’_Reviewing_the_Nurse-Initiated_Rules_in_a_Mental_Health_Unit_as_a_Step_Toward_Trauma-Informed_Care/links/565681cc08aeafc2aabf410e/Because-Thats-the-Way-Its-Always-Been-Done-Reviewing-the-Nurse-Initiated-Rules-in-a-Mental-Health-Unit-as-a-Step-Toward-Trauma-Informed-Care.pdf

4. Reducing conflict and containment rates on acute psychiatric wards: The Safewards cluster randomised controlled trial

5. Well-Being and Safety among Inpatient Psychiatric Staff: The Impact of Conflict, Assault, and Stress Reactivity

6. Factors impacting perceived safety among staff working on mental health wards

7. Case-controlled Analysis of Patient-based Risk Factors for Assault in the Healthcare Workplace

8. Sources of Social Support after Patient Assault as Related to Staff Well-Being\

9. The participant’s perspective: learning from an aggression management training course for nurses. Insights from a qualitative interview study.

10. Perspectives: Nurses’ expanding role in developing safety culture: Quality and Safety Education for Nurses – competencies in action 2015

11.Violence Risk Identification, Assessment, and Get research paper samples and course-specific study resources under   homework for you course hero writing service – Manage ment Practices in Inpatient Psychiatry

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