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Physical Sciences Essay

Bodily Sciences

The travelling flame

Francesca Laurenzi

Grade 11 Science Challenge


Matter mentioned Web page quantity(s)

Introduction/Analysis three

Investigative query & speculation (design specs) four

Technique Outcomes Interpretation of knowledge Conclusion Introduction:

When a candle is lit, the warmth melts the wax that’s near the wick. This melted wax then strikes up the wick due to the wick materials’s capillary motion. The wax then evaporates and turns into a sizzling gasoline which implies it has been damaged down into its hydrogen and carbon parts.

water vapor, carbon dioxide, warmth and light-weight are produced when this gasoline from the wax is burnt in oxygen.

The “smoke” of a candle incorporates a substance referred to as soot. Soot is a black materials which is usually made up of carbon that’s produced when natural gadgets are burnt. The yellow flame seen on a candle is especially burning soot and the blue flame, which you don’t see, can attain a temperature round 1400?

The “smoke” additionally consists of unburned wax vapor, the temperature of this wax is excessive sufficient to burn with the contact of the flame, however just for a couple of seconds.

The “smoke” rises due to the excessive temperatures, the smoke path rises straight if the air continues to be so you may contact the flame at any a part of the path that’s linked to the wick. By doing this the wax vapor relights and that is once you see the blue flame journey down ,alongside the smoke path, to the wick of the candle and the candle will then relight.

Investigative query and speculation (Design Specs):

Investigative query:

Can a candle be relit with the smoke path that comes off of it when it’s blown out?


When you blow out a candle after which try and relight it utilizing the smoke from the flame and never touching the wick will probably be anticipated that it is possible for you to to relight the candle.




Plate to place candle on or a candle holder.

Digicam to document video of experiment.

Pens and paper to document outcomes.


Managed variables:

Candle and lighter.

Second waited earlier than lighting the smoke path.

How quiet and nonetheless the air is.

Unbiased variable:

The place the candle is lit.

Dependent variable:

If the candle relights.


Having a room with quiet and nonetheless air helped with the experiment.

Took the candle and put it on a non-flammable floor.

Lit the candle with a lighter.

Gently blew out the candle and waited about three seconds for the smoke to stand up from the candle’s wick.

Whereas the smoke was travelling upwards, the lighter was put within the path of smoke and used to mild the smoke. (made certain to not contact the wick with the flame from the lighter).

Used a pen and paper too document whether or not or not the flame traveled down the smoke path and lit the wick once more.

Repeated these steps 6 extra instances.

Security precautions:

The flame of a candle, the lighter and the candle wax can be sizzling so make sure that to not burn your self.

Have water shut by to place out the hearth if something ought to go flawed.

ONLY do that experiment with grownup supervision.

Don’t do that experiment round any flammable objects.



Desk exhibiting the quantity of instances the candle relit for the 7 makes an attempt.

Try Outcome

1 Did Relight

2 Did Not Relight

three Did Relight

four Did Relight

5 Did Not Relight

6 Did Relight

7 Did Relight

Abstract of outcomes: the wick relit 5/7 instances and the wick didn’t relight 2/7 instances

Interpretation of knowledge:

When the experiment was carried out, the candle relit in 5 out of the 7 makes an attempt which implies that this experiment was 71% profitable. The candle didn’t relight in 2 out of the 7 makes an attempt which is simply 29% of the experiment.


This experiment was repeated 7 instances, it was repeated to insure the reliability of the experiment and to get correct outcomes. The experiment was executed in a room with all of the home windows closed to make sure that the air was as nonetheless as potential and it was executed on a non-flammable floor.

Security precautions have been taken to make sure that nothing caught on fireplace and to make sure that nobody obtained burnt. These security precautions have been: to be very cautious whereas dealing with the lit candle and the lighter, guaranteeing there was water close by incase one thing did catch alight, guaranteeing that nothing flammable was close by, guaranteeing the experiment was not executed on a flammable floor and doing the experiment with grownup supervision.

The outcomes of the experiment present that it’s potential to relight a candle with the smoke path that comes off of it as soon as it’s blown out, thus proving the speculation -When you blow out a candle after which try and relight it utilizing the smoke from the flame and never touching the wick will probably be anticipated that it is possible for you to to relight the candle.- right.

This experiment is fast, simple and price efficient and a enjoyable “magic trick” to indicate youngsters. It is usually a great way to clarify what occurs to a candle when it burns because it explains how the wax, flame and wick all preserve the candle alight.


The candle is ready to be reignited by way of the smoke path due to the element of this smoke path, soot and the wax vapour (which for a couple of seconds reaches temperatures that are excessive sufficient to burn on the contact of a flame) and the temperature which the blue flame reaches (1400?). By lighting the candle the yellow flame is especially burning soot and heating up the wax to create the wax vapour, in addition to permitting the blue flame to achieve excessive temperatures. By blowing the candle out the smoke path travels straight up, in nonetheless air, and you’ll be able to convey a flame to any a part of this path that’s linked to the wick, the blue flame will journey right down to the wick and the candle will then reignite and thus you’ve a travelling flame.


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