Posted: August 29th, 2019

Greek Life Essay

Greek Life As a result of the Kappa Alpha Society was primarily based in 1825 at Union Faculty, all nonetheless three United States Presidents have been members of a fraternity. The Greek system now accommodates 9 million members all through 123 chapters of fraternities and sororities. 9 million of us have taken advantage of the possibility to larger themselves and their universities by a fraternity or sorority. Nonetheless every time a Greek group is featured throughout the media, it is usually for causes of an uncontrolled social gathering or hazing allegations.
The media ignores the a whole bunch of 1000’s of hours dedicated to group service, along with the a whole bunch of 1000’s of raised for charity yearly. Hazing makes headlines, philanthropy would not. The Greek system is ceaselessly criticized for conditions of members breaking the non-hazing protection of every chapter all through the nation, and is commonly condemned for it. Hazing is an illegal part of many organizations, along with the navy, sports activities actions teams, marching bands, fraternities and sororities. Hazing as soon as extra is illegitimate in all of these organizations and is especially addressed throughout the handbook of many Greek organizations.
For some, hazing is seen as a ceremony of passage, and is predicted when pledging a fraternity. Regardless, this comply with is certainly a lot much less well-liked than the media makes it seem. I personally am pledging a fraternity proper right here at Salem State School, and have under no circumstances been suggested or pressured to do one factor I did not want to do. Hazing does happen though, and it sadly it hurts the image of the Greek system as a whole. Dartmouth Faculty, the varsity the place the famed fraternity film Animal House is prepared, has been notorious for his or her brutal hazing practices.

In an article written by an ex-fraternity member at Dartmouth, Andrew Lohse remembers the horrible acts he wanted to hold out in order to amass acceptance into certainly one of many 17 chapters. “I was a member of a fraternity that requested pledges, in order to turn into a brother, to: swim in a kiddie pool of vomit, urine, fecal matter, semen and rotten meals merchandise; eat omelets manufactured from vomit; chug cups of vinegar, which in a single case prompted a pledge to vomit blood; drink beer poured down fellow pledges’ ass cracks… mong totally different abuses. ” Such a conduct does definitely happen at some chapters. These chapters nonetheless, are quickly discovered, investigated, and when proof of hazing is obvious, the nationwide chapter of that fraternity shuts down the chapter on the college. The members involved may even be tried in courtroom, and face jail time and heavy fines. The goal of pledgeship is to not humiliate and demean future members; it is to assemble a robust bond with one’s pledge brothers and fraternity brothers.
As suggested to me by a brother after I requested if we had been ever going to be hit, he answered, “no, this fraternity is made up of my buddies and I don’t discover out about you, nonetheless I don’t hit my buddies. ” All by way of pledgeship we’re suggested to search around at each other and spot that the gentleman in our fraternity mustn’t merely college buddies, they will be standing beside us at our marriage ceremony ceremony and looking out over us at our funeral. As my pledgeship winds down and my initiation approaches, I can honestly say that I am rather a lot completely totally different than I was various months previously.
My administration functionality has elevated immensely; I was elected the president of my pledge class and have taken on further responsibility than I ever thought myself in a position to. I uncover myself not afraid to deal with an issue, or step up as a pacesetter in my classes and actions. A fraternity would not merely revenue an individual on a personal diploma, throughout the expert world; it is a big profit over opponents for a job. Correct now, 85% of Fortune 500 executives had been a part of Greek life. The large group of alumni branching the world over opens up fairly a couple of prospects for employment.
The Greek group takes care of each other, and when an employer sees potential employee was Greek in college, they mechanically have a bonus. If the employee was within the an identical chapter as a result of the employer, that profit turns into even bigger. Being in a fraternity opens up doorways for 1000’s of college graduates yearly. Warren Buffett, named one of many influential of us on the earth by Time journal, was a part of my fraternity, Alpha Sigma Phi. Buffett has moreover been on the itemizing for the richest man on the earth fairly a couple of events.
Many beneficial businessmen, politicians, and group leaders since 1825 are the merchandise of Greek life on their college campuses. Most people ceaselessly condemns the Greek system when members choose to interrupt the regulation, nonetheless the system is not recommended when the an identical members elevate 1000’s of for charity. Personal administration and responsibility is a expertise that not many have, and cannot be taught. A fraternity or sorority does educate this and further, and develops wide-eyed freshman on a college campus into worthwhile adults in a extremely fast time frame.
The Greek system has been doing this since 1825, and may proceed to mould model residents for the world. Works Cited “Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy: Inside Dartmouth’s Hazing Abuses. ” Rollingstone. com. N. p. , n. d. Web. 10 Apr. 2013. <http://www. rollingstone. com/custom/info/confessions-of-an-ivy-league-frat-boy-inside-dartmouths-hazing-abuses-20120328>. “Inspecting the Benefits of Greek Life | USA TODAY Faculty. ” Inspecting the Benefits of Greek Life | USA TODAY Faculty. N. p. , n. d. Web. 10 Apr. 2013. <http://www. usatodayeducate. om/staging/index. php/campuslife/examining-the-benefits-of-greek-life>. “The Fraternity Advisor. ” The Fraternity Advisor RSS. N. p. , n. d. Web. 10 Apr. 2013. <http://thefraternityadvisor. com/greek-life-statistics/>. “Hazing Data. ” Hazing Prevention. N. p. , n. d. Web. 10 Apr. 2013. <http://www. hazingprevention. org/hazing-information. html>. “In search of an End to Hazing Deaths. ” CBSNews. CBS Interactive, 05 Feb. 2012. Web. 10 Apr. 2013. <http://www. cbsnews. com/8301-3445_162-57371657/seeking-an-end-to-hazing-deaths/>.

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