HLTEN503B Contribute to Client Assessment and Developing Nursing Care Plans

HLTEN503B Contribute to Client Assessment and Developing Nursing Care Plans
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Lecturer: ___________________________________ Date: __________________
Assessment Task 3 Assignment
For this Assessment the following applies:
• Assessments must be word processed. You must use:
??Arial font
??Size 12
??1.5 spacing
??Print off a copy and hand to your Assessor
• Where applicable reference any work that is not your own using the style described in the student handbook
• Where applicable create a bibliography at the back of your work to show where you have accessed information used in your assessment
• Make sure your name and student ID is on every sheet of paper of your assessment, including Group Assessments
• Submit your Assessment by the due date either to your Trainer or to a member of the Administration team
• Complete an Assessment cover sheet for each Assessment that you submit. For Group Assessments make sure you list everyone’s name and ID’s on the cover sheet. Assessment cover sheets are available from your Trainer and Reception.
• To successfully complete and to be deemed competent in the above units, you must achieve a result of “Satisfactory” for each assessment task
Employability Skills
Employability skills are embedded into the Assessment and unit of competency. Each Assessment has been mapped to the unit of competency and as such ensures the Employability Skills are assessed correctly.
Reasonable Adjustment
CTA will make reasonable adjustments at your request to this assessment before the assessment commences. Reasonable adjustment will be made as per the information provided to you in the Student Handbook. Reasonable adjustment will not apply under the following circumstances:
• Evidence of alcohol or drug misuse
• Late arrival
• Cheating
Tips for submitting your Assessment
When submitting your Assessment, use the following as a guide to ensure your success:
• Have you answered all the questions to the best of your ability?
• Have you made sure all spelling and grammar mistakes have been corrected?
• If you have written your Assessment, is it legible and easy to read?
• Is your name and ID on each sheet of paper?
• Have you taken note of and ensured you have met the due date for submitting your assessment?
• Have you referenced correctly?
• Have you kept a copy of your assessment?
Ask questions if you are experiencing difficulty or do not understand what a question or Assessment task is asking you to do. Your Trainer is highly skilled at offering you support and guidance when necessary
Answer all of the questions using your own words and ensure you use the correct medical terminology. There is no word count; however answer each question and its relevant dot point in full, bullet points are not an acceptable form of answer.
1. Choose 2 of the following body systems and explain how the ageing process affects the system and its associated components.
• Cardiovascular
• Respiratory
• Digestive
• Endocrine
• Reproductive

• Integumentary
• Nervous
• Immune
• Urinary
• Musculo-Skeletal
• Lymphatic
2. Explain the health care needs, variations in daily activities’ and identify gender specific healthcare needs for each of the following groups
a. Newborns
b. Small children
c. Adolescents
d. Young Adults
e. Adults
f. Senior Citizens
3. For each group consider and explain the impact cultural, religious and spiritual beliefs and practices has on their health care
4. Explain the impact hospitalisation can have on a child and their family and explain how you can support the families’ health care needs.
5. Describe the developmental stages of childhood
6. Explain the physical growth and cognitive and motor development of a healthy infant from birth to 12 months of age
7. Describe the growth, psychosocial development, cognitive development and motor development of each of the following groups:
a. Toddler
b. Pre school
c. School aged children
8. Explain the role of play in a child’s development and how you can use this when nursing a child
9. List the developmental stages of adolescence and describe the major issues for each stage. Are there any major issues that are gender specific- justify your answer
10. List the developmental stages of adulthood and describe the major activities that take place in each stage
11. Discuss the impact infertility
12. The concept of nature or nurture is often discussed in human development. Explain the influences that genetics(nature) and environment (nurture) has on human development
13. Choose 2 differing approaches to the understanding of human growth and development and provide a brief overview of them and explain which approach resonates with you and explain why

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