Bishops in the west were similar to __________ in the east.30. Justinian’s Code was based on the principles
29. Bishops within the west had been just like __________ within the east.30. Justinian’s Code was primarily based on the rules of ______ lawA) GreekB) RomanC) PersianD) Germanic.four. Consider the title &Cyrus the Nice.& Does he deserve that title? Why or why not?Please select 1 of the next questions and write a quick (not more than 1 and a half web page printed double-spaced) essay addressing the query. 1. Why would you think about Gilgamesh a hero of their respective civilizations? In what methods do they characterize their societies?
What are the essentials of libertarianism?
three pages double spaced, no quotations from book1. What are the necessities of libertarianism? What do libertarians imply after they advocate a “night time watchman state”?2 .What are the extractive industries? Why are they particularly depending on authorities? Why have they been the fiercest opponents of efforts to cut back carbon emissions and fight local weather change?three. How did Charles Koch go about creating grassroots libertarian organizations?four. How did the Koch Bros libertarian ideology relate to their financial pursuits in Koch Industries?5. How did the Koch Bros rising monetary position in American politics totally different from such predecessors because the 1930’s period Liberty League? How have been they totally different from teams supporting the Democrats?6. How did the Residents United choice signify a “sea change” by way of non-public spending to affect American elections?
This assignment, which is based on the Lowe Art Museum on the University of Miami campus in Coral Gables, whose permanent collection contains Greek pottery from the time period that we are studying in Unit 2
This task, which relies on the Lowe Artwork Museum on the College of Miami campus in Coral Gables, whose everlasting assortment accommodates Greek pottery from the time interval that we're finding out in Unit 2, requires college students to hint the event of Greek pottery, by inspecting the varied methods and high quality of naturalism that developed over the course of roughly 4 centuries.scholar will choose 4 objects within the assortment to investigate: one (1) from the Geometric interval; one (1) from the Orientalizing interval; one (1) object using the black-figure method; and one (1) using the red-figure method. Pay shut consideration to every of the article’s stylistic options, describing every aspect and integrating into your analyses comparisons to object(s) we've studied within the textbook or in lecture from the PowerPoints. When deciding on objects to check the Lowe museum items to, be discerning. That's, attempt to discover objects that share extra traits than not.The goal of this 5-7 web page (excluding printed imagery of the objects, which can be both wrapped within the textual content or positioned on the finish of the doc and labeled), double-spaced, typed task is for college kids to develop an eye fixed for model and find the refined variations that distinguish one method or tendency from one other.
Revisit learning block 1-2 to consider your previous thoughts on the study of history and reflect on how your thinking on history has evolved
1. Revisit studying block 1-2 to contemplate your earlier ideas on the examine of historical past and replicate on how your pondering on historical past has developed. Lastly, reply to the next query:Now that you're coming to the tip of this course, has your notion of historical past developed since module one? Why or why not?2. Niccolò Machiavelli as soon as said, “Smart males say, and never with out purpose, that whoever needs to foresee the longer term should seek the advice of the previous; for human occasions ever resemble these of previous occasions.” With this quote in thoughts and reflecting in your analysis this time period think about this query:Select a recent situation and describe how your notion of that situation may have modified primarily based in your analysis of your matter?In response to friends, clarify whether or not or not you share your peer’s notion of the chosen up to date situation. Why or why not?To finish this task, assessment the Dialogue Rubric doc.
Examine how and why the United States got involved.What circumstances, events, motives, or problems brought the United States to war?
It might be extraordinarily troublesome for historians to pinpoint one or two causes for the reason for World Conflict I since there have been quite a few points, pursuits, and occasions that introduced the world to conflict in 1914. Study how and why the USA acquired concerned.What circumstances, occasions, motives, or issues introduced the USA to conflict? Be sure you cite your references embody all refrence and dates.
Imagine you are an American diplomat in 1970. You are part of a team sent to a strategic Third World country in hopes of making an alliance
Think about you might be an American diplomat in 1970. You're a part of a crew despatched to a strategic Third World nation in hopes of constructing an alliance. Soviet diplomats have been there earlier than you and have prompt to the leaders of this Third World nation that the US shouldn't be trusted as a associate due to how People deal with their very own minority populations. You could have been requested to offer a proper, written rebuttal to the Soviet claims. After giving the matter some thought, you've got determined to base your rebuttal on key modifications in each international and home coverage over the previous 50 years to persuade this Third World nation to affix with the People as allies within the Chilly Struggle. You notice that you simply can not merely “sugarcoat” issues and be plausible, subsequently you intend to offer a considerate response that does admit inequities in American society along with discussing ongoing modifications and constructive insurance policies.What are the important thing three factors you wish to get throughout in your rebuttal?
Project management questions: No format requried just answer. Put the five project management process groups in order from the one that generally requires the least work to the one that requires the most
Undertaking administration questions: No format requried simply reply. Put the 5 mission administration course of teams so as from the one which usually requires the least work to the one which requires probably the most. 75-word responseWhat does mission failure imply? What are some examples? 75-word responseList and describe a number of points that pertain to every stage of the mission life cycle. 75-word responseDiscuss how a mission could possibly be profitable by way of some measures but unsuccessful by others. 75-word responseName the 10 mission administration data areas, and briefly summarize every. 75-word responseCompare and distinction the 4 phases of the mission life cycle course of. 150-word responseAppreciative inquiry consists sometimes of 4 phases. Establish the 4 phases, and briefly describe each. 150-word responseIdentify the 10 data areas of the Undertaking Administration Physique of Data (PMBOK) with a quick description and establish which space you consider is an important. Conversely, select which space that you just assume is the least necessary, and justify your solutions. 150-word response
Developing a marketing plan for your healthcare facilityUnit Assignments
Growing a advertising and marketing plan to your healthcare facilityUnit Assignments, Unit II Venture TopicIn Unit VIII, you're required to submit a administration motion plan (MAP). The small print for this task are supplied within the syllabus. This may be both a “actual world” administration downside inside your personal healthcare group or one of many situations proven under. For this task, please current a one paragraph abstract of the issue to your teacher for approval by submitting it right here in Blackboard
Supa-Studios scenarioSupa-Studios (SS) is a fashion retail store located in Melbourne, Australia. Christian is a French designer who runs an atelier in Paris
A. Supa-Studios scenarioSupa-Studios (SS) is a vogue retail retailer situated in Melbourne, Australia. Christian is a French designer who runs an atelier in Paris. In December, 2017 SS order gadgets from Christian’s autumn/winter assortment as follows: 100 silk tops in black for AUD $5000; 50 pairs of gray plaid pants for AUD $7500; and 10 faux-fur jackets for AUD $2000. All gadgets are to be delivered no later than 15 February, 2018 on FOB (Charles de Gaulle, Paris) phrases.The products arrive in Melbourne on the 15 March, 2018. A consultant of SS promptly inspects the supply and finds that it comprises the next: 100 black tops created from a mix that comprises 90% silk and 10% polyester; 40 pairs of pants with a black and white houndstooth sample; 10 faux-fur jacketsIn addition to the products not being as SS anticipated, since putting the order the Australian media have been reporting on research from 2014 exhibiting that chemical compounds used within the manufacturing of faux-fur may be extremely detrimental for human well being. In consequence, the jackets SS was anticipating to promote for $500 every at the moment are virtually nugatory. On the 16 March, SS notifies Christian of the discrepancies within the supply and that they're returning the products and terminating the contract.It's possible you'll be requested to think about these questions from the angle of both SS or Christian. In both case, when making ready your individual case, it's best to anticipate and cope with the arguments the opposite could make.a) What’s the governing legislation of this contract and does the CISG apply?b) What are the primary complaints of Supa-Studio – what arguments and proof is there to assist any claims SS could make. Any of SS’ complaints quantity to a elementary breach?c) What cures can be found to SS and which do you suppose are most acceptable to the circumstances of this dispute?OR, B. Cathy’s Wine ScenarioIn September 2015, Cathy Burgundy (a high-quality wine service provider and the proprietor of “Melbourne’s Best Wines” in Melbourne) responded to a brochure despatched by a French champagne (JDJ). Though she had not used this provider earlier than, the value quoted was so good she ordered a big amount ofCathy requested that the champagne and agreed to pay for the products Cathy made the order in anticipation of the elevated demand for top of the range champagne from her clients for New Yr’s Eve (NYE) celebrations on 31 December. The contract of sale was made on Incoterms 2010. The French provider and despatched the invoice of lading to Cathy.On receipt of the delivery paperwork Cathy paid for the products. The and clear customs. When notified of its arrival Cathy shortly organized its assortment. It was such a busy time of 12 months, Cathy (ie. opening the bins) On shut inspection, she found that , which, didn't bear the unique ‘appellation contrôlée’ label. The following day Cathy notified JDJ that she has not obtained what she ordered.Cathy could be very disillusioned. She can't promote this wine to her present shopper base and doesn't have time to prepare an alternate supply of champagne from France to fulfil her NYE orders. As an alternative, Like all wine-merchants, earnings revamped the New Yr season make up a big a part of Cathy’s yearly earnings.It's possible you'll be requested to think about these questions from the angle of both Cathy or JdJ. In both case, when making ready your individual case, it's best to anticipate and cope with the arguments the opposite could makea) What's the governing legislation of this contract and does the CISG apply?b) What are the – what arguments and proof is there to assist her claims? Are any of her ? c) What to Cathy and which do you suppose are most acceptable within the circumstances?
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