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Posted: March 20th, 2019

BSBMGT502 Manage people performance

Assessment Task 2 Cover Sheet
Student Declaration
To be filled out and submitted with assessment responses
fl I declare that this task is all my own work and I have not cheated or plagiarised the work or colluded with any other student(s).
fl I understand that if I If I am found to have plagiarised, cheated or colluded, action will be taken against me according to the process explained to me.
fl I have correctly referenced all resources and reference texts throughout these assessment tasks.
Assessor declaration
fl I hereby certify that this student has been assessed by me and that the assessment has been carried out according to the required assessment procedures.
Assessor name
Assessor signature
Assessment outcome S NS DNS Resubmission Y N
Student result response
fl My performance in this assessment task has been discussed and explained to me. fl I would like to appeal this assessment decision.
Student signature
A copy of this page must be supplied to the office and kept in the student’s file with the evidence.
Australian Training School trading as Southern Academy of Business and Technology
Level 1 and 4 Bathurst Street Sydney NSW 2000 | Phone: 1300 852 205 | RTO Code: 31595 | CRICOS Provider Code: 03602E
BSBMGT502 Manage people performance Student Assessment Tasks
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BSBMGT502 Manage people performance
Student Assessment Tasks
Assessment Task 2: Work allocation project
Task summary
This assessment task requires you in the role of Human Resources Manager of Boutique Build Australia, to meet with the Managing Director to discuss the company’s human resources priorities for the upcoming year and as documented in the company’s Strategic Business Plan. You will then need to develop a work plan for your team, as well as a risk assessment.
You will then need to meet your team to allocate the work based on the work plan you have developed, as well as use the opportunity to remind your team about their Code of Conduct responsibilities.
· Boutique Build Strategic Plan
· Human Resources Action Plan Template
· Risk Management Plan Template
· Staff Code of Conduct
· Space for a meeting
· Role-play participants (Managing Director, Human Resources Support Officer and Learning and Development Officer)
The assessor will advise you of the due date of this submission. Write in the due date below as advised by your assessor:
· Completed action plan
· Completed risk management plan
Assessment criteria
Students must complete all of the activities listed and will be assessed against the assessment criteria included in the checklist included with this task.
Re-submission opportunities
Students will be provided feedback on their performance by their Assessor. The feedback will indicate if you have satisfactorily addressed the requirements of each part of this task.
If any parts of the task are not satisfactorily completed your assessor will explain why and provide you written feedback along with guidance on what you must undertake to demonstrate satisfactory performance. Re-assessment attempt/ s will be arranged at a later time and date.
Students have the right to appeal the outcome of assessment decisions if they feel they have been dealt with unfairly or have other appropriate grounds for an appeal.
Australian Training School trading as Southern Academy of Business and Technology
Level 1 and 4 Bathurst Street Sydney NSW 2000 | Phone: 1300 852 205 | RTO Code: 31595 | CRICOS Provider Code: 03602E
BSBMGT502 Manage people performance Student Assessment Tasks
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BSBMGT502 Manage people performance
Student Assessment Tasks
Assessment Task 2 Instructions
Complete the following activities:
Boutique Build Australia Pty Ltd is a boutique building company based in Sydney that specialises in the design and build of high quality designer homes for the Sydney metropolitan and surrounding areas. The company has been operational for three years.
As the Human Resources Manager for the company, you are responsible for a small team of staff including the Human Resources Support Officer and the Learning and Development Coordinator. The Learning and Development Coordinator is a new appointment in place for the last two months.
As the Human Resources Manager, you are responsible for:
· Taking a key and at times leadership role in the development and implementation of generalist HR strategies, policies and projects.
· Identifying, designing and implementing general HR strategies and solutions to achieve agreed outcomes relating to: organisational design, organisational change, performance management, workforce and strategic planning and other generalist HR activities inclusive of effective negotiation and consultation with staff.
· Taking ownership of the HR results and outcomes.
· Providing high level, timely and professional advice to senior managers and staff, in interpreting and implementing human resource policy including: change management; HR planning; industrial relations; retention, performance management; workplace health; and organisation development and change.
· Delivering a high level of proactive and reactive support, management and advice to managers and staff in employee relations, encompassing, equal employment opportunity/diversity case management.
· Leading developing and motivating a small team.
· Contributing as a HR team member to develop and/or enhance policies, procedures and systems to support HR ‘best practice”.
· Representing and providing high level advice and support on internal and external forums and committees.
· Developing effective, collaborative relationships and networking with all internal clients and external stakeholders.
· Assisting the team to produce best practice learning aids and presentations
· Producing a quarterly review of people statistics and analysis for distribution to internal stakeholders
The Human Resources Support Officer is responsible for:
· Recruitment processes ensuring the needs of the business are met in addition to adherence to legislative and internal policy requirements. [ski]
· Delivery of inductions to new employees within the office meeting legislative compliance measures as well as equipping new employees with necessary orientation information. [ski]
· Management of WHS incident reporting identifying improvement processes to minimise repeat incidents. [ski]
· The facilitation of ergonomic assessments and report analysis resulting in recommendations for individual requirements. [ski]
· Liaison point for workers compensation claims between insurance company and staff. [ski]
· Implementation and maintenance of the Human Resources Information System. [ski]
· HR metrics and reporting. [ski][ski]
· Assistance to the HR Manager in strategic HR projects. [ski]
Australian Training School trading as Southern Academy of Business and Technology
Level 1 and 4 Bathurst Street Sydney NSW 2000 | Phone: 1300 852 205 | RTO Code: 31595 | CRICOS Provider Code: 03602E
BSBMGT502 Manage people performance Student Assessment Tasks
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BSBMGT502 Manage people performance
Student Assessment Tasks
· HR administrative support including tasks such as maintenance of personnel files; maintenance of HR specific records on the share drive; reporting requirements relating to surveys and performance management cycles etc. ?
· Other duties as required. ?
The Learning and Development Coordinator is responsible for:
· Contribute to the delivery and evaluation of training and education programs to staff
· Contribute to the design and development of resource materials for use in the delivery of education and training materials for use in the delivery of training programs to staff
· Ensure that records are kept and maintained of all training activities
· Report to and cooperate with Human Resources Manager
· Ensure that all Policies and Procedures are implemented and complied with
The company also employs the following staff:
Managing Director, Operations Manager, Marketing and Sales Manager, Sales Consultants (4), Office Manager, Human Resources Manager, Construction Manager, Site Manager (2), Production Draftsperson (2), 6 Carpenters and a range of contract staff, including plumbers, electricians, tilers, painters and plasterers.
The workforce is predominantly male with the only four females employed (the Office Manager and the three Human Resources positions).
The company’s vision as stated in its Strategic Plan is to be the best boutique home builder in Australia. Its values are listed as quality, innovation, leadership, respect and honesty and reliability.
1. Consult on work to be allocated and resources available
Review the case study information above, as well as the Strategic Plan prior to attending attend a meeting with the Managing Director (your assessor). The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss the development of a work plan fro the year to ensure that operational objectives for 2016 – 2917 are met as outlined in the organisation’s Strategic Business Plan. Make notes on any questions that you have.
Participate in a meeting with the Managing Director (role-played by your assessor) to discuss and confirm your work for your team for the upcoming year.
The Managing Director will discuss the following information with you:
· Overall strategic goals
· Operational objectives
· Resources available
During the meeting, you will need to demonstrate effective communication skills including:
· Asking questions to identify required information
· Responding to questions as required
· Using active listening techniques to confirm information
Australian Training School trading as Southern Academy of Business and Technology
Level 1 and 4 Bathurst Street Sydney NSW 2000 | Phone: 1300 852 205 | RTO Code: 31595 | CRICOS Provider Code: 03602E
BSBMGT502 Manage people performance Student Assessment Tasks
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BSBMGT502 Manage people performance
Student Assessment Tasks
2. Develop action plan
After the meeting, you will need to develop an action plan for the human resources team in the template provided to you by your assessor and based on the meeting discussion.
The plan you develop should take into account all of the information provided to you at the meeting and include:
· Actions (focused on achieving operational objectives)
· Priority
· Timelines
· Responsibilities (ensuring that task are allocated as appropriate to the staff member’s level of
responsibility and to maximize efficiency in terms of completing groups of similar actions)
· Performance indicators
You will also need to develop a risk assessment to assess the likelihood of negative events preventing the company in meeting the actions as specified in the work plan you have developed and the likely consequences of such events. Review the risk management plan document provided to you and complete the risk assessment table.
Send your completed work plan and risk assessment plan via email to your assessor.
3. Meet with the team to discuss the work plan and allocate tasks
The final part of the assessment requires you to meet with your work team to discuss the work plan, allocate tasks and confirm performance standards and work outputs as per your plan, as well as agree on performance indicators for tasks.
As you have also decided that this is a good opportunity to remind staff of Code of Conduct requirements, you should review the Code of Conduct provided to you ahead of the meeting so that you are able to explain key requirements to staff.
At the meeting:
· Provide an introduction to the meeting, including the purpose of the meeting.
· Provide a copy of the work plan.
· Explain that the work plan is based on the Strategic Business Plan objectives.
· Go through each of the actions, responsibilities, timelines and performance indicators.
· Explain the key themes of the Code of Conduct and employee responsibilities.
During the meeting, you will need to demonstrate the effective interpersonal and communication skills including:
· Team building techniques including clear explanation of goals and outcomes
· Asking questions and listening to responses to clarify understanding
· Active listening skills
· Respecting and acknowledging the views of others
· Non-verbal communication skills that encourage discussion and feedback, for example, nodding, smiling, eye contact.

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