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Posted: March 23rd, 2017

Criminology 4. What is the federal constitutional authority for enacting

Over the next several weeks, you will be developing an analysis of a debatable claim. You will select a TED Talk that presents a persuasive argument on a debatable issue. Be sure to record the title, speaker information, and URL for your selected TED Talk.
In a two- to three-page summary, address the following questions.
* Topic/Angle/Purpose
* What is the topic of the TED Talk?
* What is the angle or argument that the speaker presents?
* What is the purpose of TED Talk? What does the speaker want the audience to do with the information they are presented with?
* Rhetorical Situations
* Who is the target audience for the TED Talk? Why does this matter?
* What is the context of the TED Talk? What historical or current event information does the audience need to understand the argument?
* What rhetorical appeals (reason, emotion, credibility) does the speaker use to help strengthen the argument?
* Evidence
* What types of evidence are used?
* Does the evidence seem credible? Why or why not?
* What additional information do you want to know about the topic?
* Style
* How does the speaker introduce the topic? Is it compelling?
* How does the speaker conclude the talk? What methods does the speaker use to finalize the talk?

4. What is the federal constitutional authority for enacting (a) antitrust and wire fraud laws? (b) postal offenses? (c) securities laws? (d) bankruptcy laws?

6. Why does the rationale for federal antitrust and securities laws require the availability of both civil and criminal sanctions?

9.What is required to establish a “pattern of racketeering activity” under RICO?

10. Is requiring a person suspected of driving while intoxicated to submit to a blood-alcohol test a violation of the Fifth Amendment prohibition against compulsory self-incrimination?

12. What are the typical diffculties facing prosecutors in drug possession cases?

14. Is the drug court method of dealing with nonviolent drug offenders superior to the traditional methods of imposing a fine or jail term or placing the defendant on probation? Should drug courts limit eligibility to participate to first-time offenders?

1. Are criminal sanctions essential to the effective enforcement of food, drug, and cosmetic laws?

8. Where smoking is prohibited by law in workplaces, restaurants, and bars, should violations be treated as civil or criminal infractions? What, if any, exceptions should be provided in such laws?

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