Week 6 Lymphatic And Immune

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Hernani Fermin, a 35-year-old married father, was diagnosed HIV positive two years ago. He is a sales representative for a nationally recognized pharmaceutical company, and his hectic travel schedule is beginning to take a toll on his health. A few weeks ago, his doctor suggested he rethink his career goals. “You know, stress and this disease don’t mix,” Dr. Wettstein reminded him. “Why don’t you look for something closer to home?”

That evening over dinner his wife Emily suggested teaching. Hernani had enjoyed sharing the challenging concepts of math and science with seventh graders during the 6 years he had taught in a rural school upstate. It was only the financial demands of Kim and Kilie’s birth 7 years ago that had tempted him into the better-paying field of pharmaceuticals.

Hernani sent out resumes for the next 5 weeks. Finally, one was well received by South Hills Middle School. They had an opening in their math department, plus a need for someone to coach after-school athletics, and they wanted to meet with him. He hadn’t interviewed since the twins were born. He thought about the questions normally asked-would there be some questions about his health? Being HIV positive shouldn’t have any bearing on his ability to teach, but parents might be concerned about having him coach. And it might disqualify him for the school’s health insurance policy. Hernani believed in honesty, but what would happen if he revealed his HIV status?

Do you think Hernani should reveal his HIV status to South Hills Middle School? If so, why? If not, why not? What laws protect Hernani or the students?
Incorporate terminology from the course content and cite outside references to support your viewpoints

Whether Hernani should reveal his HIV status to South Hills Middle School is a complex decision that depends on various factors, including legal considerations, ethical considerations, and individual circumstances. Here are some points to consider:

Legal Protections: In many countries, including the United States, laws exist to protect individuals with HIV from discrimination in the workplace and education settings. For instance, in the U.S., the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination based on disabilities, including HIV. It’s important to research the specific laws and regulations in Hernani’s jurisdiction to understand his rights and protections.

Relevance of HIV Status: In most cases, a person’s HIV status should not affect their ability to teach or coach, as long as they can perform the necessary job functions without posing a risk to others. HIV cannot be transmitted through casual contact, and there are universal precautions and best practices in place to prevent transmission in healthcare and educational settings. Hernani’s qualifications, skills, and experience should be the primary criteria considered for the job.

Disclosure and Privacy: Hernani has the right to privacy regarding his medical condition. He is not obligated to disclose his HIV status unless there is a legitimate reason that directly affects his ability to perform the job or poses a risk to others. If he chooses to disclose, he should consider doing so in a controlled and confidential manner, such as discussing it with the appropriate school personnel (e.g., human resources) rather than in a public interview.

Stigma and Perception: While it would be ideal for individuals to be judged solely based on their qualifications and abilities, HIV-related stigma and discrimination unfortunately still exist. Hernani may face potential bias or misconceptions from parents, students, or even colleagues if his HIV status becomes known. However, disclosing his status could also challenge stereotypes and help educate others about HIV.

To make an informed decision, Hernani should consult with legal counsel, such as an employment lawyer or an HIV/AIDS advocacy organization, who can provide guidance based on the specific laws and regulations in his jurisdiction. They can help assess the potential risks and benefits of disclosure in his particular circumstances.

Remember, this information is provided as a general guide, and it’s crucial to seek legal advice and consult local regulations to fully understand Hernani’s rights and protections.

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