1-) a quality control department noted took a sample of 40 product,

1-) A top quality management division famous took a pattern of 40 product, and located the imply variety of defect to be 6.15, with an ordinary deviation of two.53 . The distribution was recognized to be regular. Assemble a 95 % confidence interval for the imply variety of defects 2-) A company is making an attempt to estimate the imply quantity an worker’s spends on dental care. They survey 45 workers, and discover a imply quantity spent of $1820, with a pattern std dev of $660. Discover a 95% confidence interval for the imply quantity spent Three-) Pepsi desires to estimate a mean variety of cans of Pepsi consumed. The pattern 16 individuals and discover the imply variety of cans to be 60 with a pattern commonplace deviation of cans of 20 a. Is the t or z distribution used right here? Why? b. What's the worth of the check statistic for use for a 90% confidence interval? c. Create a 90% confidence interval. d. Might Pepsi be affordable in concluding that the inhabitants imply is 59 cans? Four-) Final yr a survey confirmed that 30% of vacationers keep in price range accommodations. The resort affiliation desires to replace this proportion. . a. The brand new research is to make use of the 90 % confidence stage. The estimate is to be inside 1 % of the inhabitants proportion. What's the essential pattern dimension? b. If we needed to cut back the required pattern dimension, what might we do? 5-) A survey of singles was made concerning their restaurant consuming habits. A pattern of 60 singles had a pattern imply variety of restaurant visits was 2.76 meals per week. The std deviation of the pattern was zero.75 meals per week. Create a 98 % confidence interval for the imply of the inhabitants.